Avalon A1CTWTRCLRWHT Top Loading Countertop Water Dispenser Review

Whether at home or in the office, it’s always good to have clean and safe drinking water for family or colleagues. We can never be too sure if a community’s water supply is safe from harmful bacteria.

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There is a huge risk of water contaminants if the water comes from pipes and even wells. Although a proper and well-designed construction may protect us from these bacteria, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Experts recommend getting a separate supply of purified water and a good quality water dispenser to dispense the water.

This Avalon-A1CTWTRCLRWHT  is a Top-Loading Countertop Water-Cooler review and is currently one of the best selling product in this segment.


Hot and Cold Water Spouts

You can dispenser both hot and cold water from this product. The water is cold enough to refresh you on a hot summer day. The hot water from this dispenser is good enought to help you make any hot beverage of your choice.

Child Safety Lock

There is a child-safety mechanism installed in the hot water sprout. This ensures that children, or anyone, do not suffer accidental scalding.

Top Loading Mechanism

The biggest benefit of having a top loading dispenser is that you immediately know when the water is running out.  This is very helpful, especially in office settings. Loading water bottles in this unit is also very convenient, you are less likely to spill or waste water while loading the water bottles in this unit.

LED Light Indicators

The led light indicators on this appliance tells you when the dispenser is switched on, when it is cooling water and when it is heating water.

Product is 100% Stainless Steel

The hot and cold water reservoir are made up of stainless steel. this helps in maintaining the purity of water and keeping it free from any contamination. The stainless steel tank not only provide better tasting water but it also ensures that the water stay cold for longer period of time.

Heavy-duty And Economical

Keeping in mind the quality and number of features that this dispenser comes with it is a real value for money. It is UL/Energy Star approved, which means that it does not consume a lot of electricity.

• The product is great for your budget.

• The water stays cold for a longer period, even after dispenser is turned off.

• The child lock system prevents unsupervised children to access hot water faucet on their own.

• It is very easy to assemble and install.

• This dispenser looks very stylish and it goes well with any type of interior.

• It heats and cools water without creating any noise.

• The cold water from this unit is not icy cold, just a few degrees cooler than room temperature water.

• Even if you do not use it regularly, it appears that the hot and cold water cycle keeps on running in the background.

Frequently Asked Questions


Once you turn on the device, make sure that you flip the hot and cold switch. It should only take about 5-10 minutes to get the hottest or coolest temperature on the device. However, remember that this device is designed to save energy. You should turn off the hot and cold water switch when not in use.


The hot water could be up to 170 degree Celsius while the cold water is could be around 43 degrees. Take note that the best temperature for drinking water should be between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

No amount of money can pay off comfort and security. Fortunately, this device will give you both without paying too much of a price. Health is a priority. Make sure that you are drinking purified water always. Also, it’s best to make sure, that water inside the dispenser stay free from contamination.

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