BottleLess Water Coolers

For people who are looking for an affordable alternative to bottled water dispensers, the bottleless water coolers are cost-effective as well as an environmental friendly solution for them. People often buy these variants of water dispensers for their office as well as home use. These dispensers combine the functionality of a normal water dispensers along with best in class purification and filtration technology to provide you and your family with pure and safe drinking water. When you buy a bottleless water cooler, you will no more have to deal with procuring pre-filled water bottles and loading them in to the unit. A decision to buy one of these appliances will help you save money, time and floor space.

These dispensers are easy to install, only slight plumbing is required to connect main water line to the unit. This allows you to get uninterrupted supply of filtered hot as well as cold water through out the day. When using the bottle type coolers, frequent checking and continuous cleaning is required to ensure that water stays pure and safe. But in bottle-less models, you do not have to worry about frequent cleaning.

Apart from being cost saving and extremely convenient, these dispensers are also environment friendly as they help in reducing plastic waste (Because it does not uses plastic bottles) and saving energy.

The premium range of bottleless water coolers for office and home comes with the combined functionalities of Multi Filtration Carbon filters; ultraviolet sterilizations filters and reverse osmosis to provide you with safe and pure drinking water. Depending upon your budget, choice and available floor space at your home(or office), you can either go for a freestanding or a countertop model. People with limited floor space can always go for bottleless countetop water cooler.

Installing this appliance in your kitchen or office pantry is very easy and is very similar to installing a coffee maker or fridge. Once the installation is complete and the unit is plumbed in to your water line, it will easily purify your normal tap water through the above mentioned filtration technology and serve you with hot as well as cold water in a very convenient manner.

Most water dispensers available in market today, come with a stainless steel reservoir. Once the water is purified, it gets stored in these tanks. It is being said, that using these water coolers instead of bottled water dispensers can easily cut down the cost of getting drinking water by 50%. Furthermore, the unparalleled filtration technology in these water dispensers ensures that you and your family get safe and pure drinking water. As compared to the bottled variants, the drinking water in bottle-less models has very minimal risk of contamination from pathogen or other air-borne pollutants.

Most bottleless water dispensers come with functionality of dispensing both hot as well as cold water, however some lower priced models may lack this functionality. The premium models have the functionality of auto shut-off in situations when the water gets heated to the desired level or when the hot water tank gets empty; this feature helps in saving electricity.