Brio Essential Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser Review

The Brio Essential Series Bottom Load water dispenser is just the right product for your home and office needs. It dispenses hot, cold and room temperature water for you to choose from as per your requirement. This review of Brio Essential Series Bottom Load Dispenser will provide you detailed information helping you determine whether this dispenser is worth considering for your home or office.

It has quite a few interesting features like an indicator indicating when the water is ready and if the bottle is empty.It also features a child safety lock to stop kids from using the hot water dispenser. It’s easy to maintain thanks to its anti-rust drip tray that make sure the last drops of water are properly collected.

•Solid Built

This product comes in an attractive design that allows it to easily blend with any type of décor in your home or office. The dispenser comes with strong build quality, the company claims that it is built using the best quality stainless steel. Many customers who have bought this product vouch for its durability in their reviews.

•Ingenious design

The dispenser is ingeniously designed that allows you to load bottles from the bottom. So there is no need of lifting heavy bottles or flipping them around in order to load them into the unit. This system adds a lot of conveniences, and apart from that also saves your time and energy because there are minimal water spills to wipe off.

•Safety lock

Not only does this dispenser serve hot water, there is also a childproof safety lock in place. If you have kids at home,  having a hot water dispenser can be dangerous. To prevent any unwanted accidents, this dispenser comes with child safety locks for hot water faucets. This ensures that kids are not able to operate the hot water faucet on their own.


The LED indicators on this unit tells you about the availability of hot or cold water. The light also indicates if the bottle has to be replaced.

•Three water temperatures

The water dispenser offers hot boiling water that’s perfect to make a cup of coffee, cold water that’s cold enough to drink without any ice and room temperature water to quench your thirst.

•Drip tray

Water dispensers can get messy, this water cooler from Brio is designed to prevent that. It has an anti-rust, BPA-free drip tray that keeps the tray hygienic and easy to clean all the time.

•Easy maintenance and very quiet when in use.
•Easy to use as it’s a floor unit.
•Comes with a built-in child safety lock.
•Dispenses hot, cold and room temperature water.
•Can be used with 3 or 5-gallon water bottles.
•Bottom-loading so it saves time and energy.
•Durably built in the USA with stainless steel.
•Comes with an energy-efficient compressor.
•Attractively designed with a good water flow.
•Indicates when the water is ready and when the bottle is empty.
•Bottles are easily loaded and unloaded.

•Less Space under the nozzle, can’t fill bigger bottles.
•Poorly written instruction manual.
•Some complaints of the door not closing properly.

Q1. How come it doesn’t give hot or cold water after plugging in?
A.Perhaps you had forgotten to switch on the switch at the back.
Q2. Can it be plugged into a 220V socket?
A.It’s better to not take chances and only use with a standard, 3-prong US 120V socket.
Q3. Is it possible to connect the dispenser to a fridge’s icemaker?
A.No. it’s not possible.
Q4. Does the unit need a specially fitted bottle?
A.No, any standard 5-gallon bottle can be used.
Q.5. Is the unit BPA-free?
A. Yes, it is.

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