Lago CLBL220 Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Do dispensers irritate you with all the mess of always spilling water? Choose Lago Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser that is made from a constructive technology to help you maintain a clean environment at all times. There is nothing as irritating as people accessing water from a dispenser that leaves a pull of mud behind their footsteps in a crowded office. This customers who have bought the Lago bottom load dispenser claim that it is one of the best water dispenser that you can buy in the market today.



This dispenser is fitted with a removable dishwasher which allows for easy cleaning, so that you can get rid of the dripping water that accumulates on the trays. This prevents any weird smell emitting from the faucet so that you can always have a supply of fresh, clean water.

Bottom loading technology

This technology makes it easy for you to load your water jugs inside the dispenser easily without seeking extra assistance from someone. Bottom loading is always better than top loading, the water bottles are concealed inside the cabinet and it is more convenient to load them in to the unit.

Indicator lighting

In bottom loading dispensers, water bottles are concealed, you won’t be able to know the quantity of water left inside the bottles. This dispenser contains indicator lights that turn red when the water level inside the bottle drop. The LED lights also give you proper information about the water temperature. It prevents you from being caught unaware of an empty bottle in case you have limited time to get a refill keeping you organized.

Safety lock

The hot water sprout comes with a built-in safety lock that helps in preventing any unwanted accident if your kid is the one operating the dispenser. This feature makes you stress-free since you don’t have to worry about your kid going near the hot water faucet. Dispensing hot water is easy from this unit, you just have to push the lock for it to unlock.

Tri temp push button

Power down switch is installed to help you dispense both cold, hot and room temperature water depending on what you want. Each switch is indicated in words and different lights so that you don’t get confused about which button to press. High temperatures make your water hot enough while low temperatures cool it to help you get cold water without needing refrigeration.


Easy set-up

Setting up your dispenser will only take you five minutes because it is very easy to install. You need to cut the strap that comes with the package, remove its bottom styrofoam, lay it on your floor and plug it into your wall socket after loading the water bottle in the bottom cabinet of the unit. With these few steps, you can start dispensing hot and cold water from this appliance. The easy to understand manual that comes along with this product, will also give you the steps needed to set it up.

Quiet cooler

Unlike other water coolers that produce more sound than a refrigerator, you can place this dispenser next to your office desk and never worry about it generating too much noise. Lago CLBL220 is a very quiet unit which make it an appropriate choice for office use.

Energy efficient

This powerful dispenser from Lago is very energy efficient.. With this cooler, your electricity bill will not shoot higher than expected because it is designed to consume less power without compromising on its effectiveness.

Large capacity bottles

With this dispenser, you save yourself the burden of always using small water bottles for your dispenser. When you buy this unit for your office use, you’ll not be required to change water bottles every now and then as this model can hold up to 5 gallon of water bottles.



Customers who have bought this dispenser before say that they worry about high risks of germ contamination with its usage. A bottom load cooler exposes you to high risks of contamination compared to a top load dispenser because it is near the ground.

Low quality

According to others, Lago bottom load water cooler dispenser is of low quality compared to others. It is not as durable as some of the other best selling unit available in the market.

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