Primo Hot and Cold Bottom Loading Bottled Water Dispenser


Main Features:

  • Bottom loading system- Worried about lifting water bottles? With this dispenser’s bottom loading design, you won’t have to worry about all that.
  • Dual spout system- Having a dual spout design means you can serve hot and cold water at the same time! This makes for simple serving.
  • LED night light- Wondering how you can get your water safely even in dark conditions? The LED night light in this dispenser would help you see even during situations.
  • 0 compressor system- The compressor installed here provides quick and effective cooling, allowing you to get ice-cold water almost on demand.
  • Stainless steel tank- Tired of having your water taste differently? With a tank made from stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about weird-tasting water again!

Primo Hot and Cold Bottom Loading Bottled Water Dispenser: An Overview

31G8idIq1fLThis Primo product is designed to provide you with fresh water at an appropriate temperature when you need it. The 2.0 compressor cooling system ensures that water will come out with the right coldness. An array of indicator lights will help you monitor the functioning of your dispenser. It informs you if the dispenser is turned on, if the water is hot or cold enough, and if the bottle would already need replacement. A stainless steel drip tray is in place to catch stray water droplets, and a LED night light will provide sufficient illumination during night use.

With a free-standing orientation, this Primo water dispenser can fit most confines without any problem. The bottom-loading system means that this dispenser would not stand as tall as a top-loading dispenser would. Also, this Primo is highly remarkable because of its ability to accept different kinds of water bottles. Regardless if the bottle is round or square, or if the capacity is 3 or 5 gallons, as long as it can fit within the compartment, the bottle will not be an issue. You won’t even have to purchase specially designed bottles for this device.

Primo Hot and Cold Bottom Loading Bottled Water Dispenser: A Review

One of the things that immediately stand out with the Primo is its style. It is attractive enough to be placed just about anywhere. Another thing that stands out with this product is its price: priced lower than most of its comparable counterparts, you get a lot from what you pay for if you purchase this. What’s more, its user-friendly features make it stand out further. A number of users complain of durability issues, but we did not experience them so far. It has stayed with us for more than a year and it is still functioning nicely.


To sum everything up, the Primo Hot and Cold Bottom Loading Bottled Water Dispenser can provide great value. Priced lower compared to most of its peers, it’s a great product for those who want a good hot/cold water dispenser at a limited budget. With its interesting design and wealth of user-friendly features, it’s hard not to like this product. If you want a reliable water dispenser but you don’t like lifting bottles, this bottom-loading dispenser will surely satisfy.