Primo Stainless Steel & Black Bottom Load Bottled Water Dispenser


Best features:

  • Space for tall glasses and pitchers- Faucet clearance has always been one of the problems of water dispenser owners. No such problems here. Sized to accommodate tall vessels, loading up water for these vessels is not a problem.
  • Energy efficient- Energy efficiency is one of the strongest points of this Primo product. It is designed to consume 25% less electricity compared to its competitors.
  • Fast water dispensing- Regardless if you want hot or cold water, expect it to be served in a quick manner. Water is warmed and cooled to ideal temperature in a matter of minutes.
  • Accommodates multiple bottle types- This water dispenser is designed to take different kinds of bottles. It can accept 3. 4. 5, and 5.2-gallon bottles without any problems or special modifications.
  • Multiple indicators- With the use of lights, users are notified when their water is hot or cold enough for serving. Also, an indicator that flashes on when the bottle is empty is present.


Primo Stainless Steel & Black Bottom Load Bottled Water Dispenser: Product Overview

31UM5h0PU-L._SX425_This Primo bottom-load water dispenser is designed to provide just about anything a dispenser owner can wish for. Utilizing stainless steel & black accents, it is attractive enough to be displayed in just about every kind of space. Of course, such products are expected to represent more than just style. The bottom-loading design means you won’t have to lift bottles to use this device. What’s more, you got versatility on the kinds of bottles you can use for this dispenser. Regardless of the type of bottle you use, a bottle empty light will flash on if your water has already ran out.

This Primo water dispenser has both hot and cold functionality, meaning you can get either hot or cold water when you need it. Aside from heating up and cooling down water in a quick and effective manner, this water dispenser is highly efficient, consuming 25% less electricity than their counterparts. In fact, this product is Energy Star qualified, meaning it is compliant to the latest energy efficiency requirements. With a tall faucet space, you can easily fit in tall vessels such as tall glasses and pitchers for simplified filling. Last but not least, it has a pair of LED lamps that make water filling in dark conditions simple.


Primo Stainless Steel & Black Bottom Load Bottled Water Dispenser: Our Review

The first thing you would observe with this product is its stylishness. Only a few dispensers out there look more attractive than this model. However, this product is more than just eye-candy, as it features rock-solid performance. Case in point, you will seriously appreciate its energy efficiency and its wealth of useful extra features. Furthermore, it is simply effective in warming or cooling your water. If you are looking for a good purchase, then this will definitely hold its end of the bargain.


For those who are looking for something practical, the Primo Stainless Steel and Black Bottom Load Bottled Water Dispenser will do more than just fine. It has features you expect from a good dispenser, and its extra features will give you a lot of convenience.