Review of Water Filter Cooler – Countertop Refrigerated Personal Cooler by Little Luxury – Filter, Cool, & Dispense Fresh Water


Best Features of the Water Filter Cooler by Little Luxury:

  • Filter and cooler for regular tap water – provides ice-cold filtered water all the time
  • Quiet operation plus fast-flowing tap – works with water at 45 degrees, no matter how ambient the temperature is
  • Compact 85 gallon capacity – 25 inches in height, 7 pounds in weight – ideal for any tight space
  • Certified filtration – supplies over 100 gallons of filtered water that tastes better than bottled water before the filter needs some changing
  • 11 cent/gallon FILTER-INCLUDED system – saves money on buying costly bottled water
  • Eco-friendly Energy Star award recipient – energy efficient that uses only about 35 percent of the energy compared to traditional coolers
  • Charcoal filter – the most efficient and even the BEST way to filter tap water

Water Filter Cooler by Little Luxury Product Description/ Overview:

This item is a first-of-its kind compact water filter/cooler that provides you healthy and safe ice-cold filtered water that is also refreshing and fantastic tasting. It is an award-winning system that filters regular tap water then cools it, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere whether at home, in your dorm, office, gym or just about any place. Clinically tested and certified, it filters tap water at 45 degrees in just minutes. Note: It uses regular city tap water only.

Product Details:

Product Dimensions:10.3 in x 8.5 in x 25 in
Weight:7 lbs
Shipping Weight:7.6 lbs
Item model no.:LLISWH1


Our Water Filter Cooler by Little Luxury Review:

The taste that the water this system produces is amazing. It’s cool and fresh. It filters municipal (only) water at 45 degrees and the temperature of the water it produces is exactly right. The water also stays cold. It has a huge 1.85-gallon capacity and yet its small size makes it ideal for small spaces whether kitchens, apartment communal areas, or office spaces. It lasts long as it’s able to supply you with at least 100 gallons of clean filtered water before you have to change or clean its filter! Finally, it operates silently so that’s a nice bonus if you are keeping it in the office or your bedroom.


Our Final Verdict:

Water Filter Cooler by Little Luxury is one of the best water filter+cooler models that you can buy today because it produces high-quality filtered water; plus, it is very convenient no matter where you use it. It is also practical, cost-effective, long-lasting and good for the environment.


Water Filter Cooler by Little Luxury Checklist:

  • Quality in the water produced
  • Multi-functionality of having a filter/hot and cold water dispenser
  • Convenience in capacity and size
  • Practicality and Cost-efficiency in buying an all-in-one functioning unit
  • Environment-friendly



Water Filter Cooler – Countertop Refrigerated Personal Cooler by Little Luxury – Filter, Cool, and Dispense Fresh Water combines all the qualities you want to look for in a good water filter/cooler. This is definitely one of the best buys you will ever decide to put your money on.