Review of Whirlpool (8LIECH-SC-SSS-5L-W) Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


Whirlpool, which is known to produce the most promising home appliances, is an American company working worldwide. It has recently come up with their new product under the name of Whirlpool (8LIECH-SC-SSS-5L-W) Self-Cleaning Stainless Bottom-Load Water-Cooler”. This water dispenser was first released back in December 18th, 2015.

Since then, has been known to be one of the best water dispenser product available to purchase. Keeping in mind the quality, and the number of features this product offers, it offers good value for money. Following is a comprehensive review of Whirlpool (8LIECH-SC-SSS-5L-W) Self-Cleaning Stainless Bottom-Load Water-Cooler that you should read before you make the purchase decision.


This water dispenser comes with new technology which has made people all around the world fall in love with it. Following are some of the most important features of this product.


This product which was released few years back comes with the most up-to-date technology of self-cleaning. This technology ensures that the water inside the dispenser remains free from bacteria and other contamination. It uses unstable oxygen to kill bacteria and other contaminants from the water.


This product also comes with bottom-loading feature which is very useful for people who are not used to carrying weight as it allows you to put the five-gallon water bottle under the water dispenser. It is very useful especially for women, kids, elders or people who are disabled and are dependent on others to change the water bottle for them.

LED light

The water cooler comes with an LED light which not only adds the touch of beauty to your kitchen but also lets you know about when the self-cleaning is on. It also tells you about the availability of hot and cold water.

Hot and Cold

This water dispenser, like a few others in the market, has the ability to make the water both hot and cold. You can simply enjoy a cup of cold water or use the water for a cup of hot tea. Indeed, one of the reasons it has gained instant popularity is due to its ability to control the temperature.


This product is known to be very much effective as compared to the other water dispensers available out there, precisely because it is not known to make a very high pitched noise while working. This product will not only allow you to have a very peaceful environment in your house but will also help you if you are the type of person who does not like to hear the unchanging irritating noises.

Childproof Design

Several past users of this product describe its childproof design as the best aspect about it. Parents with toddlers can now sigh in relief since their children can play with anything around the house but not this water dispenser.


• This product is childproof; it will prevent your children from injuring themselves.

• It is noiseless; it will keep the surrounding of your house peaceful.

• The product will clean the water itself with only a touch of button.

• It offers a very convenient way of loading bottels in to the dispenser.

• It also comes with a very beautiful design which will make your kitchen look nice aesthetics-wise.

• LED lights and different type of sounds to alert you on the need of a new water bottle and so on.


• There is no option of turning off the continuous running of LED lights.

• If you are not used to random alert sounds, then you might find this as disturbance.

• Some customers have complained about the durability of this product.


1. Can a cup dispenser be added to this product?
Yes, cup dispenser can be easily added to this product.

2. How long does the warranty lasts on this product?
The warranty for this product lasts for one year.

This overall customer reviews of Whirlpool (8LIECH-SC-SSS-5L-W) Self-Cleaning Stainless-Bottom Load Water-Cooler clearly indicates that there is no doubt this is an extremely well made product. Moreover, it is a good value for money and beautifully designed. We will surely recommend this product if you are looking for a dispenser which is pocket friendly and efficient.

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