Best Water Cooler Dispenser For Home Review

Water Coolers have been very popular in office environment for years, but these days more and more people are buying this appliance for their home as well. When you buy this appliance for your home use, you get instant and convenient access to chilling cold and sizzling hot water throughout the day. Because of the level of convenience they offer, the water dispensers have now become a must have appliance for many families around the world.

Product ImageProduct NameTypeOur RatingsPrice
Genuine Joe GJO22552

Genuine Joe GJO22552

Free standing, top load, hot and cold4.7/5Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
Avanti Energy Saver Water dispenser

Avanti WDP75 Water Dispenser

Free standing, top load, hot and cold4.7/5Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
primo 601087

Primo 601087

Free standing, top load, hot and cold4.6/5Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
Primo Stainless Steel (black) bottom load hot and cold dispenser

Primo 900130

Free standing, bottom load, hot and cold4.5/5Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on
Clover B7A- Black

Clover B7A Black

Free standing, top load, hot and cold4.5/5Click Here to Check Current Price and Reviews on

It is important that you choose the right hot and cold water dispenser for home as there are many variants available in market with different features option.  You will not want to buy a variant which is too small, that you  have to fill every few hours and on the other hands it should not be too large that it acquires too much space in your kitchen.

You will have to analyze your requirement to ascertain the type of dispenser model your family needs. If you have a big family, you will have higher H2O needs, therefore, going for a big(freestanding) cooling unit will be a better option. The freestanding model offers better capacity than the countertop (or tabletop) models. On the other hand, for smaller families having limited floor space at home, countertop machines will cut the deal.

The model, which dispenses the right/required quantity of water and takes minimum space, should be the ideal purchase for you.


Some models available in market just dispense water and do not cool it, but most people prefer to buy the units, which dispense cold as well as hot water.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the model which comes with just cooling or cooling plus heating capacity. The hot/cold dispensers come with two faucets, one is for cold water dispensing where as the other one provides hot water that can be used to make soup, coffee or any other hot beverage.

Below is a list of various kinds of water dispensers available in market-

1) Freestanding model – These are the most popular type of water coolers, which comes with various functionalities. Because they are freestanding they take up some space in your kitchen, but these days you can find some variants, which take up very little floor space, some times as little as an A4 size sheet. You can easily load heavy 5-gallon bottles in to these units. The free standing dispenser often come with small cabinet storage at the front bottom side of unit. As per your requirement and budget you can choose a freestanding home water dispenser with the feature options of dispensing both hot, cold or just room temperature water.

2) Countertop Models – People who have less floor space in their kitchen often go for the countertop water cooler dispensers. These models are small in size and can be easily kept at kitchen counters or tables in your house kitchen and office pantries. Normally, bottles of max 3-gallon size can be loaded in these variants, but there are some models which can also load up 5-gallon water bottles. Similar to freestanding variants, many reputed companies offer countertop dispensers for home with the ability to dispense hot as well as cold water. The countertop models are normally not able to dispense too cold water as they are equipped with a smaller compressor as compared to a freestanding model.

3) Top Load and Bottom load Water coolers – If you buy a top load water unit, you will have to shed less money as compared to buying a bottom load unit. The major convenience that a bottom load model have over the top load unit is that your are not required to lift and flip heavy 5 gallon water bottle when loading them in the unit. In a bottom load dispenser, you can just place the bottle at the bottom of the dispenser. The bottom load water coolers for home and office are usually expensive than the top load models. The bottom load models also do not come with cabinet storage space . ( See our list of Best Bottom load Water Dispensers )

4) Bottleless Water coolers– A bottleless water cooler or dispenser uses your main plumbing line as the main water source. You are not required to load heavy bottles in to this unit. There are various varieties of bottleless water dispensers available in market, some variants will filter and provide both hot and cold water, while others might not come with a filter. Depending on your requirement you can choose from various available options. Using bottleless units can prove to be cost effective in long run, as you will not be required to purchase pre filled bottles for loading in to the unit.

Water Dispenser – Features to look for

1) Size – These appliances are available in various shapes and sizes, depending on available floor space at your kitchen, go for the right model.

2) Child Safety lock – If you have kids at house, then you should only buy a dispenser model, which comes with child safety latch for hot water faucet. This is important to prevent the kids at home from using the unit’s faucet on their own without adult supervision.

3) Power Consumption – Before buying a home water cooler you must enquire about its electricity consumption. The unit must have switches to turn off hot and cold water supply when not in need. These days many dispensers are coming with power saver mode, which when turned on, reduces power consumption of the unit.

4) Capacity – As per your family’s water consumption, you should only choose from those water units, which can accommodate 2,3 or 5-gallon water bottles.

5) Stainless Steel Tank – The stainless steel reservoirs help in maintaining the purity and taste of water (also eliminates the bad plastic taste). Before purchase, you must enquire if your chosen home water cooler model comes with Stainless Steel Tank or not.

6) Drip Tray – The drip tray should be efficient enough to prevent any water spillage on the floor. It should be easy to clean. The drip tray should be placed far enough from the faucets (or spigot) to allow you to fill large glasses, tumblers or bottles from the dispensers.

7) Prong – When lifting and flipping heavy water bottles, there are always chances of some spillage. Some premium variants come equipped with a prong (inside the funnel) to help you load heavy bottles in to the unit without spilling water on the floor.


Five Best Water Coolers for Home 

Genuine Joe GJO22552

The Genuine Joe GJO22552 is one of the best water cooler for home that you can buy. It comes as a freestanding unit and provides you with hot, cold and even room temperature water by mere push of a button. The product is very beautifully designed and comes with black and white color scheme and a stainless steel frame. This variant from Genuine Joe is small in size and takes up minimal space, allowing you to place the unit in your kitchen, garden, living room or even mini bar. You also get a 20 liter storage space with this unit which can be very useful for people having less storage area in their kitchen. Its solid frame and a height of only 3 feet makes the task of loading heavy bottles in to the unit very easy. The unit comes with a very efficient compressor which can heat water up to the temperature of 185°F and cool water up to the temperature of 32.1° F. You will find the availability indicator lights in the front panel of the dispenser, which lets you know about the availability of each type of water in the unit.


Avanti Energy Saver Water dispenser

Avanti Energy Saver Water dispenser


This water cooler model from Avanti comes equipped with very efficient built-in Energy saver. This feature helps in reducing the over all electricity consumption of this unit while it provides cold as well as hot water all round the day. You also get conveniently placed LED light indicators which lets you know about the availability of hot or cold water. This variant comes with two faucets, one for hot and other for cold water dispensing. The company has also provisioned a small cabinet storage in this unit. This non-refrigerated cabinet storage can be used to conveniently store Glasses, cups or cans. The Avanti WDP75 is compact in size and can easily be placed in any corner of your kitchen or any location of choice at your office. The drip tray helps prevent spillage on floor and can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. To prevent kids from using hot water faucet on their own, this dispenser comes with a child resistant guard.



Primo Hot and Cold top loading  dispenser

Primo Hot and Cold top loading water dispenser


Primo 601087 is a top loading and and one of the best water dispenser in market today. It comes with the capability of dispensing very hot and chilling cold water without consuming much electricity. Amongst numerous variants available in the market, the primo 601087 is one of the best looking unit. It comes with very attractive outer body with stainless steel styling, which allows the unit to fit perfectly with any decor, be it your house or office. This unit from primo dispenses fast flowing water that makes filling a glass or a bottle very quick, convenient and addictive. For safety, the primo 601087 is equipped with a child safety latch and a stability bracket to help reduce/eliminate the chances of any unwanted incident. Inside the unit, there are two separate stainless steel tanks for hot and cold water which help in maintaining the purity and taste of water. The energy saver switch on the unit can be switched on/off as per convenience and requirement.



Primo Stainless steel bottom load bottled dispenser

Primo Stainless steel bottom load bottled water dispenser

This bottom load model comes in black color with stainless steel body. As this is a bottom load model, you are not required to lift and flip the heavy  bottles. The company claims that this model uses 25% less electricity than the traditional water dispensers. You can load all round or normal shaped 3 to 5 gallon bottles in this machine.




Clover B7A- Black

Clover B7A- Black


The B7A is a hot and cold dispenser from Clover which can be used in offices as well as home. It serves chilled water for your summer drinks and instant hot water to help you make your favorite hot beverages like soup, tea, coffee or even hot chocolate. Clover B7A is a high quality and very durable dispenser unit, which comes with UV protection and is made from high-density polyethylene. The unit is equipped with food grade hygienic stainless steel reservoirs to maintain the quality of water. Double float valve and secondary safety float mechanism helps in reducing the chances of spillage when trying to load heavy water bottles in to the unit. You also get a cold-water thermostat with this unit, which allows you to control the cooling temperature. This water cooler also dispenses hot water with temperature as hot as 185°F. The drip tray is made up of ABS plastic and can easily be removed for convenient cleaning.