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The Benefits of Water Coolers for Military Installations

Water is essential to the success of any military operation. Proper hydration ensures that soldiers can perform at their best, even in challenging environments. In recent years, military organizations have recognized the importance of water conservation and sustainability, leading to the development of initiatives like the Army’s Net Zero program [1]. One way military installations can promote water conservation and ensure access to clean drinking water is by utilizing water coolers. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using water coolers for military installations.

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Access to Clean Water

Water coolers can help ensure access to clean drinking water for military personnel. Point-of-use water coolers are equipped with filters that remove impurities and contaminants from the water, providing an additional layer of protection against waterborne illnesses. Additionally, bottled water coolers provide sealed, sterile bottles that can be easily replaced as needed [6].

Cost Savings

Using water coolers can also result in cost savings for military installations. Installing a mains-fed water cooler eliminates the need to purchase and store large quantities of bottled water. This reduces the need for storage space and the frequency of water deliveries, lowering transportation costs and reducing the carbon footprint of military installations [8].

Environmental Benefits

Water coolers are also an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. Plastic bottles can take a lifetime or more to decompose, and synthetic materials can leech into the ground and poison it [7]. By utilizing a water cooler, military installations can reduce the number of plastic bottles they use and reduce their impact on the environment.

Health and Safety

Water coolers promote health and safety by providing a reliable source of clean drinking water. Plumbed-in water coolers eliminate the need for heavy lifting associated with bottle-fed coolers, reducing the risk of injury [9]. Additionally, by promoting hydration, water coolers can help prevent dehydration and associated health problems.


Water coolers are a convenient solution for military installations. Point-of-use water coolers eliminate the need to handle heavy bottles, reducing the time and effort required to maintain the water supply. Additionally, modern water coolers can dispense hot and cold water at the touch of a button, providing personnel with access to water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene [5].


Water coolers provide numerous benefits for military installations, including access to clean drinking water, cost savings, environmental benefits, health and safety, and convenience. By using water coolers, military organizations can ensure that their personnel have access to reliable sources of hydration and contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

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