Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Adjustable Cold Water Thermostat by Clover

Best Features of Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Adjustable Thermostat by Clover:

  • Stainless steel cold and hot water tanks – the manufacturer constructed the tanks with stainless steel; thus, it is especially designed to be hygienic and contaminant-resistant
  • Efficient heating and cooling, operates silently – its condenser is cooled via convection and is ultra-efficient
  • Adjustable thermostat – has the ability for temperature control and adjustment. You can set the cold water temperature from around the range of 35.6 degrees F and 53.6 degrees F. But Note: You cannot set the hot water temperature because it is non-adjustable or automatically controlled to about 185 degrees F
  • ENERGY STAR- rated thus environment-friendly – an Energy Star award recipient, which means it has met the EPA and USA Department of Energy’s strict standards and guidelines of energy-efficiency

Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Adjustable Thermostat by Clover Product Description/ Overview:

The Clover B7A hot and cold water thermostat/ dispenser is great for both serving refreshingly cold drinking water or steaming hot water for hot drinks or even soups or oatmeal. This is a high-quality water heater/cooler that is made of a single-piece high density, UV-protected polyethylene body. It has a double float valve that comes with a secondary safety float system that helps avoid spillage and water loss. Its stainless steel tank is hygienic as it provides healthy, clean, safe and tasty drinking water for you and your family whether in the home or office.

Note: This water heater/cooler with adjustable cold water thermostat doesn’t include a built-in water filtration system or in-line filter (or requires delivery of water bottles).

Product Details:

Product Dimensions:14 in x 12.4 in x 38 in
Weight: 31.6 lbs
Shipping Weight:33 lbs
Item model no.:B7A-White
ASIN: B00316SL2Y


Our Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser With Adjustable Thermostat by Clover Review:

This item offers the convenience of having an automatic hot AND cold water dispenser but only minus the factory manual. On the other hand, you can download one from the manufacturer’s website. It is proven to provide good service because the water it dispenses is adequately hot if you need hot water and adequately cold if you want cold water. The taste of the water, too, is not plastic-tasting unlike other brands of water dispensers.

You will have no problems of leakage with this product, but the bottle you install sometimes has a consistently bubbling habit as if the water in it hasn’t settled very well. Also, the amount of water that each spigot dispenses is quite weak.

The water dispenser unit is Energy Star(R) rated hence, a reliable eco-friendly appliance that doesn’t use up too much energy even though it runs continuously.

“Is there a recommended cleaning method you should use for this unit?” This is the cleaning instruction that you will get from its manufacturer:

1) Do not use other types of liquids other than filtered bottled water

2) Clean the unit with 1 cap of bleach diluted in 1/2 gallon of warm water after every 2 months, rinsing thoroughly with at least 2 gallons of clean warm water


Our Final Conclusion:

For anyone searching the market for a practical and highly economical hot and cold water dispenser, this is a highly recommended model. The taste it produces is delicious and clean and you can adjust its cold temperature. Sure you cannot adjust the hotness of the hot water it dispenses but it’s good enough. It saves on water because it avoids spillage plus it is Energy Star rated, hence also saves on energy and is eco-friendly. It doesn’t filter water and only uses clean gallon bottled water.

Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Adjustable Thermostat by Clover Checklist:

  • High-quality water
  • Convenience in dispensing both hot and cold water
  • Practicality in saving water and energy
  • Low cleaning/maintenance requirement



Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Adjustable Thermostat by Clover is a practical solution to people who have their filtered bottled water delivered regularly. No need to buy a separate electric thermos or refrigerator.