Genuine Joe GJO22552 Review


Best Features:

  • Push-button design- Get hot, cold, or room temperature water with a single press of the button!
  • Hot water / Cold water tanks- This dispenser has the capability of heating water up to 85 degrees Celsius while cooling water up to almost 0 degrees Celsius
  • Availability indicator lights- These lights make for easy indication if water is ready. You will know when your water is either hot enough or cold enough instantly.
  • 20-liter cabinet body- Not only is this device a water dispenser, but you can also use it as an extra storage bin. With 20 liters of storage space, you can stash a good amount of items here.
  • Removable drip tray- This system makes cleaning a simpler process. Just detach, wash, and put the tray back in place once you’re done.

Genuine Joe GJO22552: An Overview

511bOTs9rJL._SL1223_The Genuine Joe GJO22552 is a cabinet-style freestanding water cooler that will fit into just about any kind of home seamlessly. Operated using 5-gallon (36-liter) water jugs, this device is designed to serve hot, cold, and room temperature water with a simple press of a button. A stainless steel frame provides the foundation for this device, ensuring that it’s built to last for a long while. A built-in compressor is installed to provide heating and cooling when needed, with indicator lights showing if water is ready to serve at your desired temperature.

There are plenty of other features to go around here. A dispensing area made of ABS plastic is durable, easy to clean, and serves its meant purpose well. The buttons used for dispensing water are conveniently located at the top, promoting easy access. It also has a 20-liter cabinet body that you can use to store some stuff. Sure, some people may wish that it’s refrigerated, but this compartment will still come in handy in a lot of ways. Last but not least, it also provides support for no-spill bottles, a must for top-loading dispensers such as this.

Genuine Joe GJO22552: Our Review

A lot can be said about this product during its stay at our office. The heating/cooling system works as advertised, with the cold water system particularly impressive. If you have a preference for cold water, this dispenser will deliver the goods. While some may not observe this at first, the cabinet is a very nifty addition and can be very useful for a number of people. The plastic push buttons, while they may not look as classy as the others, does its job as advertised. Last but not least, the dispenser itself looks attractive. The odds are good that it will fit in perfectly, wherever you may want to place it.


To sum everything up, the Genuine Joe GJO22552 does what it is advertised to do. While some people may look for extra features, this product would provide most of what you need in a hot/cold water dispenser. If you are looking for a water dispenser that can hold 36-liter tanks, this product should serve you very well.