Giantex EP22276 Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Review

The hygiene of a dispenser should be a number one priority when you decide to settle for one. Online customer reviews of Giantex EP22276  advocate for buying this water cooler dispenser as it maintains high hygiene standards to give you water that is germ-free. But how does this dispenser appliance achieve this?


Anti-dust water barrel seat

This dispenser contains a unique water barrel seat to ensure that the cleaning process is trouble-free so that you can regularly wash its components to prevent any type of contamination in water. Assembling the parts after cleaning and drying them will not take much of your time so that you can enjoy your drink that contains fewer impurities which will help in preventing water-borne diseases.

Storage cabinet

Are you fond of carrying snacks at work and don’t have extra drawers to place them? Buy this dispenser that gives you enough room for your water as well as provides a cabinet for storing your small snacks to munch as you take a break from your daily routine. Your extra storage cabinet keeps you more organized at work so that you don’t have empty bottles lying over your room, thanks to a capacity of holding more than 4 gallons. This large cabinet also prevents leakages from your dispenser so that you don’t keep on cleaning the wet floor.

Hot and cold buttons

Both buttons on this dispenser come in different colors to give you access to hot and cold water. The switch at the back of your container allows you to turn it off when not in use. This switch prevents too much power from being consumed.



In an open setting such as a conference room, bending just to dispense water may be uncomfortable. People who have brought this Giantex EP22276 claim that this model is high enough so that you can fetch water conveniently . Because of this particular convenience, you feel less lazy to fetch a glass of water. (List of Best Water Dispensers to buy in 2018)


Giantex water dispenser has a creative design that looks delightful in different settings such as your kitchen, a conference room as well as a lounge. By reading the reviews from people who have bought this product, you can tell that the dispenser will not give you a hard time either in setting up as well as in dispensing water.  A manual is included in the package to help you understand the basics of using it.


White colors always make a room brighter. The white dispenser brightens an office giving you enough motivation to keep on drinking lots of water even as work piles up for you to make a cup of coffee without wasting too much time.

Less noisy

Do you need a water dispenser that does not distract your colleagues at work? People who have bought this product testify to the fact that this dispenser contains a compressor cooler that is less noisy to use in a compartmental office.


The hot spout of your dispenser comes with a safety lock to prevent young ones from dispensing hot water on their own.  This safety lock adds an added layer of safety to this dispenser unit.


Loading a large gallon bottle does not expose your dispenser from the risks of developing a crack. This makes it more secure to use as it is stable on the ground and does not wobble at when heavy (filled) bottles are loaded.


Get this dispenser at a pocket- friendly price with high quality make.


Unlike other low- quality dispensers, this cooler gives you the right temperatures to use. Hot water from it is hot enough to make an instant cup of coffee, while cold water remains cold all through out which adds to the efficiency of this unit.


Moving Giantex dispenser is easy since it weighs less when not loaded with a water bottle. It is built small in size thus increasing portability.



Some customers have  claimed that this dispenser comes with a plastic sensation the first time you load your water bottle. The undesirable flavor however gradually fades away with more water gallons.


It also has a limited scope below the spouts, which means a sizeable cup cannot fit there. If you want to fill a big size mug, you will have to slightly tilt it to make it fit.


A slow flow of water

The customers have also claimed, that the flow of water from this giantex dispenser is not as fast as you may want.  With this, you might have to wait a bit longer for your coffee cup to fill since water flows slowly from the dispenser. The less flow may be a limiting factor especially when you are busy at work and need a quick refill.

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