With water coolers or bottled water dispensers, the one big problem that most people encounter is – the tiring tasks of replacing the water bottle every time it gets empty. Buying a new bottle after every few days for your dispenser can be expensive. But an easy alternative that can be used in place of buying a new bottle every few days is to reuse the bottles already bought in the first place.


But, these bottles which are already being put to use may get contaminated if not cleaned or sanitized on regular basis. The impurities present in the used bottle may accumulate over time and can make us vulnerable to water contamination related diseases. So, the appliance that you use for convenient water dispensing, may end up giving you some nasty diseases if not decontaminated at regular and frequent intervals.


So, if you want to save money and do not want your water dispensers to be exposed to unwanted germs, then you need to take into consideration the following ways which will help you in keeping your ultimate source of water free from all kinds of germs and impurities.

PROCESS-1 (Dish wash solution and bleach)

Firstly, pour some icy-cold water into the bottle until it is 1/4th filled. Then add 2 tbsp. of your regular dish wash solution along with 2 tbsp. of bleach. Then add a few ice cubes and give it a nice, vigorous shake to make the solution reach every dark corner of the contaminated water bottle. Next, add a dishcloth or sponge into the bottle and then again shake it rigorously in order to create friction. Then, let it rest for 5 minutes and turn the bottle upside-down to release all the solution poured in there to come out. Rinse the water bottle with Luke warm water properly and you will have a brand new bottle which is ready to be re-filled with some fresh water.

QUICK TIP- You may even add tea tree oil to eliminate the odor or foul smell of the dish wash solution and enjoy fresh water.

PROCESS-2 (Where bleach and hydrogen peroxide helps in the cleaning process)

This process can be used to remove the impurities which may show up if the bottle has not been sterilized over a long period of time. Bodies like algae generally show up when hard plastic bottles have been put into use for quite a long time. It is always recommended not to reuse the bottle for an endless number of times as even regular cleaning will not help much in the process of elimination of those harmful impurities in such cases. But, in case you still decide to put into use that bottle which you think has been contaminated by algae, then you can use the following process.

For this, you need to add 1tsp. bleach to 1 cup of water. You may increase the quantity of bleach depending upon the size of the bottle. You may also use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. However, do not mix bleach with hydrogen peroxide. Pour this solution into the water bottle and give it a nice shake so that the solution reaches every part of the water bottle. Then pour some Lukewarm water in the bottle and then again give it a nice shake. Let the solution rest for 30 minutes.

If in case you are using hydrogen peroxide then allow it to rest for about 1 hour. Then, rinse the bottle with running water until the odor is completely gone. If this doesn’t work out then after adding bleach make use of long-handled bottle brush and then apply some hand force to reach out to algae. Then again rinse it properly and allow it to dry. And, you can use the water bottle all over again.


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