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Best Placement for a Water Cooler System in Your Office

What is the Best Placement for a Water Cooler System in Your Office

Water cooler systems are typically located in common areas of an office, such as the kitchen, break room, or conference room. They should be situated close to a printer, photocopier, and bulletin board. They should also be near a water dispenser. Some office owners choose to place their water dispenser in the reception area.


A Freestanding water cooler system in an office should not only look great, but it should also meet strict hygiene requirements. You want to ensure that water coming out of the unit is safe for your employees, and you also want it to provide a range of water temperatures. Whether you want hot, cold, or ambient water, there is a model for your office that can meet all of your needs.

The size of the bottle varies with the type of unit. Some larger versions use five-gallon (19 L) bottles. This size is equivalent to 18.9 liters in metric countries. Initially, water cooler units were provided with bottles, but they were not very convenient, since they did not come with a place to dump excess water. Some units even had a small basin to catch spills.

A Freestanding water cooler system in an office is a great way to provide chilled water to employees throughout the day. Not only do they keep the employees hydrated, but they also contribute to their overall health and productivity. A properly-functioning water cooler will make your employees feel great and have a positive impact on your business.


A countertop is the perfect place to place a water cooler system in your office. Many countertop models are available in two or three temperature settings and with different filtration systems. Unlike a water cooler dispenser with a bottle that needs to be replaced every few days, a countertop system offers a continuous supply of fresh, clean water. Countertop coolers also offer many convenient features, including self-cleaning and child safety locks.

The type of dispenser you choose will depend on the size of your office and the number of employees. Small businesses with fewer employees may be able to get away with a countertop bottleless water cooler that holds up to a gallon of purified water. However, larger businesses with more employees will need a larger unit with a three-gallon cold water storage tank.

For the home or office, a water cooler that comes with a tap is a great option. Some of the most popular models come with taps that allow water to run through the taps. Other features can include a reverse osmosis system or carbon filter system.

Reception area

If you’re considering a water cooler system for your office, the reception area is an excellent place to put it. It is the first point of contact with visitors and a great place to communicate your brand identity. You can also have a display of your company’s awards or corporate literature in the reception area. Interactive touch-tables can also be placed here. They can be updated regularly, allowing visitors to view information about your company.

The reception area is an area that needs to be welcoming and professional. It should have plenty of comfortable seating and a good selection of reading material. It should also be well lit and calm, which will help create a positive first impression. A water dispenser and coffee machine in the reception area can help visitors stay hydrated and satisfied.

The reception area is a central hub for a business. It makes visitors feel welcome and makes it easier for employees to interact with customers and clients. It also provides an easy and convenient location for staff to fill water bottles.

Virtual water cooler

A virtual water cooler system in your office can help you bridge communication gaps between teams, as well as foster a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. This is especially important in a global workplace where cultural differences and misaligned time zones can make it difficult to build connections. It’s also a great way to promote teamwork and reinforce the company culture.

The virtual water cooler experience for your employees needs to be positive and free from dead factors. It should show that you appreciate them for their contributions and recognize their innovative ideas. It should also reward them for doing so. Employees should have flexible communication options so that they can be sure that they receive a positive experience every time they log on. This way, they’ll be more likely to feel engaged and motivated. The virtual water cooler system also makes it easier for remote teams to work collaboratively.

Apart from fostering company culture, a virtual water cooler system also helps remote teams bond. Many companies today hire workers from different time zones and cultures. Because of the time difference, it can be difficult for remote workers to connect with colleagues and stay connected. A virtual water cooler allows them to drop in and out of conversations and still remain part of the company.

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